Rules & Guidelines


Upload WSPrime Products/Images that have WSPrime Free Shipping Icons on your website


Fill out & sign Registration Form


WSDisplay approves your website & you are all set!

Step 1

Download WSPrime Free Shipping Product Images and insert them into your website.


Step 2

Fill out our acknowledgment form.


    1. You must be signed up as a customer.
    2. You must add the program’s product images that have the “Free Ground Shipping” band onto your retail website. We also recommend you add these images on category pages when possible.
    3. You must sign the WSPRIME Free Shipping Program Form acknowledging you understand the rules of the program.


    1. The free ground shipping only applies to the products in the program.
    2. There are no discounts for any shipping other than ground.
    3. Customers’ website must be audited and approved by
    4. Free ground shipping cannot be combined with any other offers.

Step 3

* Wait for approval.

* Our team will contact via email / phone call regarding approval status within 24 hrs.

Check your website & approve

You’re ready to use WSPrime!