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Yes, as long as they are sent as “Graphic Packages”; however, you may NOT ship hardware and graphics separately.

Yes. We will randomly audit your website from time to time to make sure you are still in compliance with the . On top of that, it’s to advise you of products that you may be missing and to help you use WSPRIME to your fullest advantage.

As a WSPRIME member, you agreed to this requirement, but we made the rules with you in mind—we’re sure that you’ll benefit the most if you offer free shipping to your customers.

Have you been approved? If YES, then simply login in to your account, and you will see the “WSPRIME” category show up last, under “Clearance”, on the left-hand side category list. If NO, then please wait until approval is complete.

Yes. You may download high resolution versions of the free ground shipping icon and use them in connection with your work or your website, provided you comply with our policies. (Otherwise, you must first receive express, written permission.)

Yes, you can, as long as the items are in stock. Also, please note that PVC, UV, and Heat Press is available only out of our California location.

You may ship ground for free to all states, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

No. WSPRIME does not work retroactively on orders prior to WSPRIME membership.

First, make sure you have logged into your account and the product was selected through the “WSPRIME” category. Secondly, please know that If you combine one (1) order with a non-eligible product, the order will not reflect any free ground shipping. Furthermore, please see “I’m looking at my shopping cart, but it’s not showing me any free ground shipping. What’s going on?“

Did you order WSPRIME (eligible) items along with regular WSDISPLAY (non-eligible) products on one (1) order? If YES, then please know that your sales order will be manually adjusted by a sales representative to give you free shipping on eligible items while charging you shipping for non-eligible items. This will be fixed and you will be notified, before it ships out. If NO, then please contact the sales department.

Yes. WSPRIME membership allows you to enjoy quantity price breaks with free ground shipping, as long as they are eligible items.

No. You may only receive the free ground shipping once you have been approved. (The approval grants you access to the “WSPRIME” category in your account. It is here you will see the eligible items with free ground shipping.)

Yes, with leniency. You will be required to add all WSPRIME images to your website, but we know it’s a lot of work. So, here’s what we propose: if you have an order, let’s say for example feather flags, that you would like free ground shipping on, please update your website with these images ASAP, and then ask for approval. You may then proceed with the order to receive free ground shipping on this item ONLY. From date of approval, you will then have one 30 days to finish updating your website accordingly. Note: the sooner you update your website and notify us to check it again, the sooner you will have full access to the benefits of WSPRIME.

Once your website is approval-ready and you’ve told us to check it, approval is done within 24 hours. The allotted time allows us to properly assess your website that it is in compliance with our Rules & Regulations.

The image gallery list out eligible products. image gallery We will continue to add new products in the future.

WSPRIME is a free shipping program* developed by WSDISPLAY and is the newest extension of WSDISPLAY’s customer support services.
*For UPS Ground Shipping from our California or Pennsylvania location with the continental United States only.

No, unfortunately. This program is not eligible for shipments to Canada.