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    1. I understand that WSPRIME free shipping program is an elective program initiated to provide extra customer support.

    2. I understand that this is a completely free service for WSdisplay customer’s only, and I must adhere to the qualifications and rules.

    3. I understand that I will receive free* UPS ground shipping on select products** within the continental United States only (Alaska, Hawaii and other US territories are excluded).

    4. *I understand that free ground shipping will be applied instantly if ALL cart items in one (1) sales transaction are WSPRIME eligible. Otherwise, I will be charged shipping if one (1) sales transaction has both WSPRIME items AND non-eligible items; however, WSdisplay will adjust my order immediately upon receipt by removing shipping charges only from WSPRIME items.

    5. **I understand that the products that qualify have already been chosen, and I must select from within these products. I can find the program eligible products at

    6. I understand that the shipment may come from either our California or Pennsylvania warehouse, depending on my preference, my customer needs, and/or product inventory.

    7. I understand that I must add the WSPRIME FREE SHIPPING product images from onto my retail site and pass along the free shipping my customer.

    8. I understand that a qualified representative at WSdisplay will check my retail website to make sure I am following program guidelines.

    9. I understand that WSdisplay has the right to rescind this contract if I do not continue to adhere to program qualifications & rules. Furthermore, WSdisplay reserves the right to discontinue this program at any point in time and without notice.

    Qualification Guidelines:

    1. I am a customer.

    2. I must add the program’s product images that have the “Free Ground Shipping” band onto my retail website. To do this, I will visit to select the products I wish to promote. It is also recommended that I add these images on category pages when possible. (Note: WSdisplay will audit my company’s website for approval. After approval enjoy the benefits of WSPRIME. Please allow WSdisplay one (1) business day for approval.)

    3. I must complete this entire form, WSPRIME Free Shipping Program: SignUp/Acknowledgment Contract Form, and submit it to


      1. Free ground shipping only applies to the products in the program.

      2. There are no discounts for any shipping other than ground.

      3. Customers’ website must be audited and approved by

      4. Free ground shipping cannot be combined with any other offers.